Getting Media going in Second Life on Ubuntu 64 bit

Getting Media going in Second Life on Ubuntu 64 bit.

This gets streaming audio media and most TVs working. Icarus brand TVs work across the board with this. There could be a more concise number of commands for this, I kinda googled and butcherd several people trying to help and tacked on the flashplugin and quicktime stuff at the bottom. Hope this helps someone.

This works on Ubuntu 11.04 with viewers 2.0 – 2.8.

Also note I had to close SL a few times before this worked, not sure why it doesn’t work first time, but once it is working, it works fine from then on. If I figure out how to get the other TVs working I will update.

Download Get Libs

The following three commands install a shit load of 32 bit stuff on your PC, it worked for me after a restart of the PC, hopefully it will work for you.

sudo getlibs -p gstreamer-tools gstreamer0.10-alsa gstreamer0.10-doc gstreamer0.10-esd gstreamer0.10-gnonlin gstreamer0.10-gnonlin-dbg gstreamer0.10-gnonlin-doc gstreamer0.10-nice gstreamer0.10-plugins-base gstreamer0.10-plugins-base-apps gstreamer0.10-plugins-base-dbg gstreamer0.10-plugins-base-doc gstreamer0.10-plugins-good gstreamer0.10-plugins-good-dbg gstreamer0.10-plugins-good-doc gstreamer0.10-pulseaudio gstreamer0.10-tools gstreamer0.10-x gstreamer-dbus-media-service gstreamer0.10-buzztard gstreamer0.10-buzztard-doc gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg-dbg gstreamer0.10-fluendo-mp3 gstreamer0.10-gnomevfs gstreamer0.10-packagekit gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad-dbg gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad-doc gstreamer0.10-plugins-cutter gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly-dbg gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly-doc gstreamer0.10-pocketsphinx gstreamer0.10-sdl gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad-multiverse gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad-multiverse-dbg gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly-multiverse gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly-multiverse-dbg gstreamer0.10-packagekit libalut0 libapr1 libaprutil1 libopenal1 gstreamer0.10-fluendo-plugins-mp3-partner libquicktime-dev libquicktime-doc libquicktime1 quicktime-utils quicktime-x11utils ubuntu-restricted-extras flashplugin-nonfree

sudo getlibs -l

sudo getlibs -w


Win a copy of Osmos!

Cracking little competition to win an awesome game!

Works on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Okay so i forgot i had a spare copy of this, i got a copy of Osmos for Linux for helping to support them a while back with their port with a lot of advertising.

So how would you lovely folks fancy your chances at winning the copy? Competition ends 1st september 10PM GMT.

All you have to do is answer this question in the comments:
Why do you think you deserve to win it? (yes that simple :))

If you are not registered and logged in, be sure to leave your email to contact you if you win!
Edit > You can now leave your name and email in the boxes when you comment, no one but me sees your email so don’t worry.


Linux has made it!

Well… For me any-ways…. Lucid Lynx has cracked it for me.

This has been the shortest blogging come back in history…. One half baked post as a guide to IDJC and that was it….

So I was musing today on why this was such a half baked return to Linux blogging… I think its not because I have nothing to say. Its because now days I don’t fiddle with Linux. more or less everything I do I do through a GUI. I still use PC’s constantly, I set up an Ubuntu network at work for the lads 2 years ago on Hardys release. The only time I have had to do anything to them was when I upgraded to Lucid recently. I am never called to the office because ‘something doesn’t work’ like I was every 10 minutes when they were set up by some fancy arse company that gave us Windows 2000 PC’s.

At home I use Linux daily for a few hours, DJing, Second Life, a bit of gaming, and lots of web stuff. But I don’t actually do anything to the PC’s… Everything I install takes 2 secounds and now terminal use now. Part of me is thank full. I have no viruses, no niggling problems, no firewall pop ups crying about something mundane. I don’t have to dive into terminal regularly any more. In fact Never… I haven’t used terminal in months except when checking commands for the guide below this. I installed Ubuntu Studio 64 bit so had Jack already ready to go and I installed everything I wanted in the Ubuntu Software Centre.

I have recently tried Mac and Windows 7. Mac I have never been able to get into… It looks fantastic, is meant to rarely break but I just cannot get into it… Windows 7 just felt same old… I also didn’t want to go back to virus checking and feeling paranoid about what im looking at on the web etc (I feel quite safe with Ubuntu).

So yeah for me Linux has made it. Wewt’s Tux!

As for this blog… What do I do with it? It gets hundreds of hits a day but I cant really put up guides for ‘How to do this with a GUI’. hat would be to hand holding. I also don’t want to go back to fiddling with my PC regularly. I will confess I used to break things regularly. Last breakage I had was back in…. Jauntys day?

Blah I will think of something… Might start blogging about cycling or motorcycling or something too. I dunnos… Well see 🙂

IDJC Shoutcast setup guide

IDJC – Internet DJ Console….. It uses Jack…. This thing had me stumped for the longest time…. I just couldn’t seem to get it to work… I do however now use it all the time. So a simple guide to those who needs to use it. Written for Ubuntu of course.

First of all we need Jack. Open a terminal and enter :

sudo apt-get install jackd qjackctl

Open Limits.conf

sudo gedit /etc/security/limits.conf

Add the following lines into the file :

@audio - rtprio 99
@audio - memlock unlimited
@audio - nice -19

Save and close.

Now open System > Administration > Users and Groups

Click the keys where it says click to make changes, put in your password. Click Manage groups. You should find one called audio, if not, add group and call it audio. Add yourself to it.

Log out and in again.

Run Jack, you should find it in Sound and Video.

Click Setup. Below is a couple of pictures of my set up screens. Mimic them, if it doesnt work, you can tweak them.

Screenshot-Setup - JACK Audio Connection Kit

Ok few things in this window.

Realtime – Some people find its better to have it turned off, some people cant get it to work at all with this ticked.

Frames/Peroid – I have this down to 256. My partner has it at 1024. My friend has it a 2048. Youll have to play with this a bit.

Interface – This is where it takes the sound from. If you have a funny sound set up, multiple sound cards, usb sound devices, you may need to tweak this.

Screenshot-Setup - JACK Audio Connection Kit-1

Should work for everyone.


Should work for everyone.


Personal preferences. But this is my set up.

Ok, we have Jack set up, Wewt wewt! Now for IDJC. Open a terminal and give it a :

sudo apt-get install idjc

If you want Shoutcast aswell Icecast give one of these aswell :

sudo apt-get install libmp3lame0 libmp3lame0-dev

If you dont install these Shoutcast will be greyed out in the options. Now open Internet > IDJC

Click Server, drag the boxes bottom corner and expand it out, i mean right out! Theres a lot of options and stuff here but every time i set this up it opens as a tiny little window.

This is how i have mine set up. Password poofed of course.


Once its all filled in hit Server Connect. Should start streaming straight away. Simply drag songs out of nautilus into playlist 1 and hit play. You can make a playlist in Rythmbox, highlight the whole playlist and drag it into playlist 1. Means you can pre make them, save them, use them later etc. Press the big mic button in the bottom right corner to talk. I pause the music as the song ends and do my talking but i guess thats DJ dependant.

Anywhos, thous a IDJC shoutcast guide.

Reopening….. Sorta…

Been a year or so scince i posted regularly. I sorta fizzled out of things to say. I have a couple of requests at the moment which i should get around to writing guides for. I also have a real nagging itch to go distro hopping or something at the moment .Though this time im truly of the opinion all distros are more or less the same. Just with slight tweaks visually. I also have more time in Second Life and have started exploring this awesome world again (believe it or not theres more to SL than sex!). So i dunno… Got a few guides and stuff to write… Couple of projects i should start….

I still don’t use Windows. After hearing a few virus / malware problems recently, im not interested in going to the Windows side either. Yes im aware theres malware for Linux but i never encounter it and rarely install stuff once im set up so im happy and relatively safe.

On a last note, i think perhaps when i first discovered Linux, it was an old either mandrake or mandiva. It got a dead laptop going when XP died and snuffed it. I was sorta attracted to Linux cause it was different, a bit of an adventure, and i got to be anti MS. 3-4 years ago i made the full switch and havent looked back. Looked for adventure and waved an anti MS banner for a short while too (it was a short while too, when i saw what half the anti MS lot were like i was like ‘OMG i cant be like that >.<').

Nowdays i use Linux simply because it does what i need it to and i feel safe with it. I play Second Life, browse the web, store music and videos, and web DJ. Thats about it really. SO yeah.. Linux looks pretty and modern, does what i want, and its safe. Quite a large change in motives for using it really 🙂

Following this will be my first proper post in nearly a year. Wow its been that long…. Blogs been open a couple of years then i guess…. 2008 time? I gotta post a guide to setting up IDJC and and i want to pimp my new PC at some point….

Hmm pictures… Photobucket doest support Linux anymore and kinda tired of Flickr… Should find a new picture host 🙂

So errr yeah… Sorta reopening the blog…

Closing the blog

I said a few weeks back i had lost the urge to blog. I have since lost my urge for Ubuntu, Linux, and general tech stuff. I no longer have anything meaningful to say on web forums. So, im moving on to other stuffs. I will still use Linux as it is still the best OS for me. I will still also read K Mandalas blog cause it rules.

The blog will stay up as it still gets hundreds of hits a day. But i will no longer post anything on it or clean up the spam.

For those starting Linux blogs, i had a blog before this and this one, covering 2 ish years. First one closed due to the epic epic spam it got and this ones name sounded more appealing. The 2 things i found got the most hits, Online Games and guides (Install guides, tips, hints, whatever).

If i ever try a website again or a project in linux again it will deffo be small and usefull, rather than sprawling and bland, much like half of this blog.

Happy blogging folks! See yall in another space some time! 🙂

E17 in Ubuntu

Wooo! E17 now have a repo for Ubuntu Jaunty. For some reason, neither the Easy_17 script worked for me, neither did the OzOs repo.

But this, this worked first time!

Go to System –> Software Sources and add the following repo under the Third Party Software tab.

deb jaunty main extras

Now click this clink and download the key :

Open up terminal where ever you downloaded the key and the key :

sudo apt-key add repo.key

Follow up with a :

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install e17

And you away!

Lost my blog

I don’t seem to know what happened there, i seem to have totally fizzled out on the blog. I’m pretty busy at the moment but even when I am not i don’t frequent my own blog to to post. I guess i seem to have run out of things to say a bit.

Ahh well, a quick theme change and ill leave the blog for a bit. It will still be here when im gone so i can give it some time, store up some ideas, and come back to it when I am ready. 🙂

Playing with GIMP (still)

I have played with the vintage photo look quite a bit this week. My next piccy intrest though is cartooning piccys. I managed to take / make the following picture of Marie Zefferelli at the Blue Moon Bordello in Second Life.

Done by the following basic steps.

Colour –> Desturate

This makes the picture black and white, to me it looks more cartoonish when finished.

Filter –> Lights –> Add light of choice

Changes depending on what your screenies off and its surroundings. It adds a dash of colour to the pic though, makes it look a bit Sin City’ish.

Filter –> Artistic –> Cartoon

I set both sliders to max to get the maximum coverage of black and basic cartoon look. Adjust according to your needs, undo is your freind. 🙂

I also added fog to the picture (another filter) to give it some more… I dunno… Arty feels…. ^^ Afraid i dont have an artistic bone in my body so my stuff realy does look like asic chaff.

Thats more or less it. You may need to hand fill in some black and white as it can often come out to much one way or the other.

Playing with Gimp 2 – Vintage photos from Second Life

Leelou *The Elegance* Morigi

Ive been playing with gimp trying to make old photos this last few days and have been having some fun success. All pictures were taken in Second Life so of course start out full colour 3D like.

I would take the photo, Cut the bit that i wanted out and put it on a new canvas. Because most of the cuts were not exact sizes, i would start with a large canvas, paste in to the middle of it, then go Image –> Autocrop Image.

Once i had a nice neat piccy i would add a lens flare via Filters –> Light and Shadow –> Lens Flare. A bit of good placement of a flare makes a nice difference to the end result.

I then simply use 2 other filters, all options on both. Filters –> Artistic –> Apply Canvas, followed by Filters –> Decor –> Old Photo.

The end result is what you see above and below. The last picture being an original of the top picture of course. ^^

Flicker *The Rabbit* Amiot

Abriel *The Twisted* Ashbourne 2

Paola *The Wolf Lover* Paulino

Mags *the Lady* Indigo

Original naff of Mages *the lady* Indigo

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