IDJC Shoutcast setup guide

IDJC – Internet DJ Console….. It uses Jack…. This thing had me stumped for the longest time…. I just couldn’t seem to get it to work… I do however now use it all the time. So a simple guide to those who needs to use it. Written for Ubuntu of course.

First of all we need Jack. Open a terminal and enter :

sudo apt-get install jackd qjackctl

Open Limits.conf

sudo gedit /etc/security/limits.conf

Add the following lines into the file :

@audio - rtprio 99
@audio - memlock unlimited
@audio - nice -19

Save and close.

Now open System > Administration > Users and Groups

Click the keys where it says click to make changes, put in your password. Click Manage groups. You should find one called audio, if not, add group and call it audio. Add yourself to it.

Log out and in again.

Run Jack, you should find it in Sound and Video.

Click Setup. Below is a couple of pictures of my set up screens. Mimic them, if it doesnt work, you can tweak them.

Screenshot-Setup - JACK Audio Connection Kit

Ok few things in this window.

Realtime – Some people find its better to have it turned off, some people cant get it to work at all with this ticked.

Frames/Peroid – I have this down to 256. My partner has it at 1024. My friend has it a 2048. Youll have to play with this a bit.

Interface – This is where it takes the sound from. If you have a funny sound set up, multiple sound cards, usb sound devices, you may need to tweak this.

Screenshot-Setup - JACK Audio Connection Kit-1

Should work for everyone.


Should work for everyone.


Personal preferences. But this is my set up.

Ok, we have Jack set up, Wewt wewt! Now for IDJC. Open a terminal and give it a :

sudo apt-get install idjc

If you want Shoutcast aswell Icecast give one of these aswell :

sudo apt-get install libmp3lame0 libmp3lame0-dev

If you dont install these Shoutcast will be greyed out in the options. Now open Internet > IDJC

Click Server, drag the boxes bottom corner and expand it out, i mean right out! Theres a lot of options and stuff here but every time i set this up it opens as a tiny little window.

This is how i have mine set up. Password poofed of course.


Once its all filled in hit Server Connect. Should start streaming straight away. Simply drag songs out of nautilus into playlist 1 and hit play. You can make a playlist in Rythmbox, highlight the whole playlist and drag it into playlist 1. Means you can pre make them, save them, use them later etc. Press the big mic button in the bottom right corner to talk. I pause the music as the song ends and do my talking but i guess thats DJ dependant.

Anywhos, thous a IDJC shoutcast guide.


My job in Second Life

So i have made a few posts about earning money in my favourite Linux MMO, Second Life now. From a newbies guide to my mate Kendall Larnia who is an in-game fashion designer and model. But i have never really said what i do for linden dollars in SL.

Well, i am a guard puppy and DJ in Destiny strip and escort club. its a friendly place, not a seedy sex shop like a lot of places in SL. We often think of it as more of a venue rather than an actual strip club. We have live music played by proper performing artists streamed into the club some nights. Other nights we have DJ’s spinning tunes. All sorts!

Anywhos, i met the girls about 6-8 months ago. I was loitering about in one of my old ‘give SL a try every 2-3 months’ rounds. I had been chatting to a number of 3D modelers who were into Blender. They opened my eyes to the things that were in Second Life. Before then i thought it was just a big chat room. Because of these guys i realized there were artists, musicians, role-play Sims, combat Sims (areas that play like Quake). I was enthralled and wanted to know more.

I then met and got chatting to an Alexandra Smesh, she got me to the Destiny club and got me to return. Being pee poor i just sorta returned and had a laugh, but always felt bad about never tipping the girls. They never gave me a show, so all was good.

After a few months the owner screwed the girls over for a lot of money, and bear in mind SL money translates to RL money on the stock exchange, it was a real crappy thing of him to do. They had a rough few months as their old venue went with its owner and they moved to a new location. I followed and carried on twittering away to them. I offered to set up and maintain a blog for them. A sort of thanks for putting up with me. I was quite surprised at the time (and touched actually) when they said they were thankful to have me about. They said i provided a lot of light relief. I was more surprised when they said they wanted to offer me a job as a guard dog. They gave me moderating rights over the property and the ability to kick / eject / ban people.

That was my first job in SL, and the first time i ever really had much money at all. A while after i learned how to use Shoutcast, as i said before the club has a Shoutcast broadcasting unit in, so i started DJ’ing for the club. I have been DJ’ing now for a few months and brings me in the penny’s. ^^

So, the moral of my story was, hang out with people, hang out in places you like. If the owners like you, when you have some SL skills, you might get a job there. If your lucky enough to work somewhere as successful as me, and as nice as me, you may have a job for a long time there. ^^ One thing i can say about this job though, i have always enjoyed myself so much playing around, it has never ever felt like a job. I just act silly, have fun, provide comic relief, and i make a bit of money out of it. Great stuffs! ^^

If you want to come see me, i can be found at Destiny most nights. If you want to come on a night i DJ, im on Monday nights at 2pm Second Life time (about 10pm UK time). Follow the SLurl below for our location! ^^

Destiny’s Slurl :

Picture of DJ Naiki Puppster! ^^